Open The Book

Open The Book LogoThe Open the Book teams at Palgrave and Wortham lead assemblies during term time, in the church for Palgrave primary school every Thursday morning and at Wortham School every Monday afternoon.

Each assembly consists of a short introduction to the story, acting out the story itself, a short conclusion, a prayer, a song, and we conclude by saying the Grace together.  In Palgrave, members of the Open the Book team now lead an “OTB Club” in the school on Wednesday lunchtimes, when the children practise, ready to take on most of the roles on Thursday mornings.

The Open the Book materials, based on Bob Hartman’s The Lion Storyteller Bible, are organised into a three year programme, providing an excellent introduction to Bible stories, in an engaging style, for children who may not have heard them before.

John as King

John as King

The response from the children and teachers is very positive and encouraging, with the children always eager to dress up and participate in the action, or to help us with sound effects.  We include a song after each story, and try to find one that relates back to and reinforces the story.  The children really engage with the music and especially enjoy upbeat songs, as well as action songs.

Members of the teams show great creativity in creating costumes, masks, props and scenery to suit each story, and both teams now share a diverse range of Open the Book costumes and equipment.